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Bargain Bin Decks

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Comes with :
1 Bargain Bin skateboard deck

The Braille Bargain Bin consists of graphic decks with cosmetic flaws that you get to score at an awesome discounted rate. (Graphic deck full price is $52.49)

Flaws will vary but include minor to major scuffs, scratches, dings, and color imperfections. All decks are structurally sound and ridable, they just got hit with the ugly stick. Photos are examples of damage that can be expected.

This item is a final sale item/no returns, may they live a long, happy life with you.

5% of profits to the First Try Foundation to help grow skateboarding and give skateboards to those in need.

Customer Reviews

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Devin Hill
High Quality Decks For Bargain Prices

I ordered an 8.25 bamboo bargain bin deck and received the Braille Lego Logo deck. The description for the bargain bin decks says they are decks with flaws or cosmetic defects, so I expected to get something with a noticeable graphic imperfection or something but the deck I got looked really good. There is one small bubble and some airiness in the lamination that you wouldn't notice unless you've got your nose to the board staring at it plus a few small, barely visible scuffs here and there but honestly if I was buying a specific graphic I really wanted at full price and it had the same issues that this bargain bin deck has, I wouldn't really care. The flaws are so negligible, they don't ruin the graphic or the function of the board. It goes to show that Braille cares that much about the quality of their boards that their rejects are still fantastic quality. Definitely worth the buy if you're thinking about grabbing a bargain bin deck, especially if you're not picky about what graphic you get since it's randomly selected.

peyton f
braille skateboarding please reply

can i get this for free im subscribed

Justin Hurt
Great deal!!

Love my new deck! I asked for a dreamer series in the comments. They sent the exact one I wanted! Even left a cool note on my receipt. I will be shopping from the bargain bin again for sure!!

Awesome!! Thanks for your support!

Konr Dare
100% Worth it.

Ordered one, they called me to asked me about my comment requesting a Ricky deck. Sent it out super fast, and the "blemish" was barely noticeable. Brand new deck. Love it.

Awesome! Glad you love it. Thanks for your support!

Jason Richardson
Very pleased!

I got this as my son's first deck. It looks great, I got a graphic that I think looks cool and honestly you can barely tell there's any defect in it. Definitely buy this if you're not afraid of getting a random graphic!

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