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Classic Old School Deck

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High-quality Old School Deck
  • Classic Old School Shape
  • 100% hard rock Canadian maple
  • 7 ply
  • Dimensions: 10" x 33"
  • Wheelbase: 16"
  • PLEASE NOTE: Griptape not included

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ryan Dee
Great ripper with some old school flair

Great price. Great shape. Actually has good pop for a cruiser.

Sweet! So glad you love it, have fun shredding!

Bryan Albin
Old school awesomeness!!

It's an old school shape.with a nice modern nose and concave. It's super relaxed to get on a ride for an older rider. I set mine up as an atv and love everything about it

Great Value

You can’t beat braille blanks for the price. They can’t be making much off of these and it’s to their credit that they offer legit pro level decks that almost anyone can afford.

As far as the board goes, it’s really a modern deck, just really big. It has a nose ( not the big nose most street skaters want) and substantial concave. I prefer this shape to the “fish” shape because I already skate shaped boards and this isn’t a radical departure from those. Right now I’m skating a 9” braille blank and I sometimes switch it up with a 8.75” Lance Mountain deck. I don’t see this being my main board but I wanted to give it a go and see what it’s like. Again, these are pro level boards at a great price.

My final review

Now that I have finished my custom surfskate build I believe that I can do a proper review of the performance of the deck. First off the deck is of excellent quality. After finishing my custom Braille Braille/Waterborne collaboration surfskate build and riding it like a madman all week I must say that the dimensions are absolutely perfect for a high performance short board experience surfskate. A little bit of flex and a a mellow concave works out perfectly and it seems like the more I throw at it the more the deck screams "Give me more". Plenty of nose and tail for different stances and movement make for one intense skateboard experience.

William Madray
Braille Old School Classic deck

I was quite excited to receive the deck. It arrived in perfect condition and the non abrasive grip tape is more than I expected.
Professional packaging and the extra stickers provided were extra cool. I really can't review the performance yet as I purchased the deck for a custom surfskate build and are awaiting the proper components needed to complete the build. Of course a performance review will be submitted upon completion of the project.
Until then the situation left me skateboard less. Delighted with the purchase;in order to combat boredom while waiting for the arrival of my components to finish the surfskate project.
I decided to purchase the Braille Entry Level professional grade entry level complete with volume 1 of Skateboarding Made Simple and skater trainers to learn how to do the fancy flip and kick tricks that I have never learned in my decades of surfing and skateboarding experience.

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