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Tetris™ Falling into Place Skateboard Deck

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Introducing the ultimate skateboard deck for all you Tetris™ lovers out there! This isn't just any ordinary deck, it's a block-busting, Line-Clearing, shape-shifting masterpiece.

Made from the finest materials and crafted with precision, this deck is designed to help you pull off the sickest tricks while paying homage to the iconic Tetris game.

So whether you're a pro skater or just love the Tetris game, this Falling into Place skateboard deck is a must-have. It's time to level up your skate game and show off your love for one of the greatest games of all time. Get ready to stack 'em up and shred 'em down.

Don't know what size to get? Try 8.0

Don't forget to check out the new Tetris movie to learn more about your favorite block-stacking game.

Tetris™ & © 1985~2023 Tetris Holding.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Neat looking

Great deck!

The picture is exactly like it looks on the website, it might even be brighter. It's so cool, and the deck itself is definitely high quality. Gotten lots of compliments too!

Kaylee Leonard
Tetris board

I love it so much thank you Braille crew! I’m still in the process of making it but it’s such a great board!

Awesome!! Have fun skating!

Braille Skateboarding
Cool graphic

This graphic is incredible. I got it for a relative who loves Tetris and they were blown away. It will live on their wall as its so beautiful!

Johnathan Hargan
I love it but hear me out

I love this board it’s strong rides very well and looks amazing I just retired my first skateboard after 15 years I do nothing but cruising around parks and hills but hear me out I have it set up like a longboard and I did that on purpose

Thank you guys this board and everything you guys do on YouTube

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