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Compression Knee brace: Knitted Knee Sleeve (single)


Comes with 1 knee sleeve.

KNEE SLEEVE SUPPORT – Knitted Compression Brace for Sports and Joint Pain Relief – Pair

INCREASED KNEE STABILITY LESS BULK – Innovative knee brace design includes patella shaped gel pad for maximum joint and kneecap stabilization. All the security and support without the added bulk.

PERFORMANCE BOOSTED KNEE SLEEVE – Medical grade compression increases circulation, muscle endurance and promotes faster recovery times. Having a secure and protected knee leads to increased confidence and better performance.

BREATHABLE KNITTED FABRIC – Made from lightweight, comfortable, non-neoprene, washable fabrics. This highly elastic, ergonomically designed knee support will conform to the shape of your body providing you with maximum support and flexibility.

COMPRESSION BENEFITS – Alleviates the effects of high impact activities such as running, basketball and skateboarding. Proven to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief from minor injuries or post surgery aches and pains. Best of all our knitted compression sleeves STAY UP and WON’T SLIDE DOWN!!!

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Here at Old Bones Therapy, we’re obsessed with Customer Happiness. If you’re not happy with anything, we will make it right.

Measure 4 inches above kneecap

S 12″ – 14″
M 14″ – 16″
L 16″ – 18″
XL 18″+

For a tighter fit, size down.
For a looser fit, size up.