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Skateboarding Made Simple Volume 0: Pre-Basics (Free Digital Download)

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We made Skateboarding Made Simple Volume 0 to create a seamless transition for beginners from their first time stepping on a skateboard to mastering essential skills like ollies and advancing to more complicated tricks.

My name is Aaron Kyro and I have been skateboarding for over 25 years.  I currently ride Pro for ReVive Skateboards and I have been sponsored by some of the world's largest skateboard brands including Volcom, Real, Thunder, Bones, Swiss Bearings, and Circa shoes! 

I have been teaching people how to skateboard for many years and have found the key things in common amongst new skaters. I have figured out what skaters run into that prevent them from being able to land kickflips, heelflips, or any other tricks they may have trouble with.

New skaters running into this problem often, get frustrated and give up. It is true that skateboarding does require practice and work. You don’t just wake up one morning with the ability to land 360 flips every time. It is also true that there is an exact, correct gradient to learning all of the tricks. There are exact ways to do each and every trick there is. 

It is, of course, very important to start off on the right foot with learning any new skill or sport. This video goes over the pre-basics.

The tricks covered in this video are:

  • Regular pushing
  • Basic Stop
  • Basic Backside Kickturn
  • Basic Frontside Kickturn
  • Tic Tac
  • Crab Walk
  • Standing Tail Stop 
  • Turn by leaning 
  • Backside 180 pivot 
  • Frontside 180 pivot 
  • Popcorn 
  • Nose Stall
  • Caveman 
  • Roll off a curb 
  • Roll to fakie on a bank
  • Body Varial
  • Riding up a bank
  • Rolling in on a bank 
  • Backside kick turn on a bank
  • Frontside kick turn on a bank

This will give you basic knowledge and will get you very comfortable with your board so that you are ready for the next set of tricks. 

If you are really into skateboarding and you REALLY WANT TO PROGRESS FAST, this video is for you! Once you get the learning technique down, you will use it for the rest of your skateboard career, I guarantee it!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Santiago Gomez
Breaking in a new Alienworkshop board with the basics


Jess Malouin
Beyond helpful

We have a 7 year old who has been living at the skate park this summer. The pre-basic video has given him focus on skills to practice with a bit more of a routine.

Can’t wait for him to move on to the next videos and watch him sore

Awesome! Thanks for supporting your son in his skating!

Grainger Stucki
Actually helps!

I’ve always had issues learning to ride, stay balanced, and thought crab walking was an advanced trick. Starting from ground 0 got me right on track, landed my first real Ollie

Trevek McMillen

Skateboarding Made Simple Volume 0: Pre-Basics (Free Digital Download)

Angel Salcedo
Pretty excellent

It reviews everything someone would need to learn and know in order to get the very very basics of skating down. Its simple and slow, thorough and not overcomplicated. I did not exactly need the guide as I have proggressed but I wanted to see what it had and it would have definitely helped me improve faster as a new and begginer skater.

Our Purpose

Our purpose here at Braille Skateboarding is to inspire, motivate and teach the world to skateboard. We believe that anyone can and should skateboard regardless of age, color, body shape or size.

Here at Braille we want everyone to feel like they can progress on their board and learn to skate! That’s the basis that Braille is built off of and we won’t stop until skateboarding is the most popular sport in the