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Braille First Try Skateboard Shoes

My name is Aaron Kyro and I have been skateboarding for over 25 years. I started Braille Skateboarding over 15 years ago wtih the mission to push skateboarding all over the world and turn skateboarding into one of the biggest sports in the world! I quickly realized that in order to accomplish this goal I had to create a high quality skate shoe that was affordable so more beginners could enter the sport.  


When you first start skating the last thing you might be thinking about is your shoes. Well after skateboarding for 28 years let me tell you the shoes make a big difference. When your just starting out the main thing you want is good grip. Good grip on the soles and on the top material of the shoe for when you are learning tricks. Leather shoes for example are more slippery and do not grip to the grip tape as well as suede. The Braille First Try Shoes are designed specifically to help you get started and make it as easy as possible to learn tricks. Great grip, metal eye lets, thick laces, fully covered toe cap suede, and double stitching for durability. The shoe was designed with no stitches in the ollie and kickflip areas to prevent ripping and make them last as long as possible. Do yourself a favor and grab a pair of Braille First Try shoes NOW! These shoes were built from the ground up, specifically for skateboarding. They are built from the highest quality suede and are super comfortable. Ill see you out there beating all your friends in skate with your brand new First Try shoes! Cop a pair now you wont be disappointed!


We opted for a cupsole construction (vs. vulcanized) in order to improve the overall support and durability of the shoe.

The footbed used in the Braille shoe has been specifically developed to provide the wearer with an optimum level of comfort and support while also remaining lightweight and maintaining a good level of board feel.

The outsole, made from a rubber (SBR) compound, is commonly used in quality footwear to provide excellent grip, comfort, and durability resulting in a high-performance skate shoe.


The Upper is made of high-quality suede sourced from Spain to provide the classic skate look and feel. The tongue and collar of the shoe have been reinforced with a foam padding for extra comfort and foot support. The front part of the shoe (the vamp) uses a singular piece of suede which greatly increases the durability.

The laces are high-quality cotton which increases their longevity with little to no chance of snapping.

This shoe has a unique front toe bumper with a prominent texture for added grip while doing technical skate tricks.

What others have to say about Braille First Try Skateboard Shoes

"Definitely made for skateboarding! Great quality and very comfortable "


"Some of the best shoes I've had in a long time. Seem very durable, I expect them to last a while."

-Matt K.

"Really nice shoes."

-Andy M.