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Andy Anderson Mind Control Handskate

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These Mind Control handskates are one of a kind and limited edition. Andy Anderson himself hand drew graphic.

These MINI 11 inch skate boards are perfect for rainy days when you can’t go out and skate, but you want to practice anyway. They are also great for warm sunny days when you just want to have fun.  They are also awesome in the Fall…. and Spring.  Pretty much, they are amazing all year round!

We may or may not host handboard competitions at the Braille House in the future, so get yours today and start preparing just in case!

Customer Reviews

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Harry McInnis
What I was searching for

I already left a review on the Braille handboards. This is the next best thing to the old Tech Deck handboards. Shipping was fastz no surprises.

I only wish it had metal trucks as the plastic ones make for a lighter feel during use, though you adjsit quickly.

It hasn’t arrived!

Love Braille, love Andy Anderson… but still waiting for this parcel. Hoping it arrives soon!

Andy Anderson Handskate

These are so nice it comes with a tool it’s pretty sick I love it, winter is here and I can’t skate cause of some rain and snow and when I don’t I pull out my trusty handskate

Johnny van Valey
Hand skate

It is cool, Would’ve been way cooler of it was 7 ply with real wheels and bearings. Feels cheep

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