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Bamboo Blank Skateboard Decks

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These bamboo decks are much stronger than traditional decks. They keep their pop longer and are great for all kinds of skating. 
  • Eco-Friendly

  • Durable

  • Strong

  • Longer Pop

  • All the feels

  • Grown and harvested from sustainable, managed bamboo forests — far from wild or protected panda communities.

  • Bamboo boards help reduce deforestation. Maple takes up to 60 years to mature. By contrast, bamboo grows up to two feet a day. Sustainable bamboo is the socially-responsible choice.

  • Bamboo skateboards are lighter and stronger than maple. So, you get more “pop” when performing tricks and refining your skills.

  • Bamboo absorbs impact better than maple. Your naturally shock-absorbent bamboo skateboard will resist cracking and provide top performance far longer than maple.

Deck Information:

  • Medium concave
  • Length range: 31-33"
  • Wheelbase: 7.75 - 14", 8.0 - 14", 8.25 - 14.5" and 8.5 - 15"

5% of profits to the First Try Foundation to help grow skateboarding and give skateboards to those in need.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Eric lamas-Funk
New decks

I bought two of these bamboo decks for me and my brother and they feel amazing. Good shape, good pop, and very light

Luis-Agustin Moctezuma

Bamboo Blank Skateboard Decks

Kurt Deprez

markings to differentiate nose/tail would be appreciated

Debbie Buttimer

Great lightweight board.

Kurt Deprez


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