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Blank Non-Branded Skateboard Wheels 50-55mm

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A much more affordable way to ride! In the interest of getting anyone and everyone on boards, we’ve released completely blank skateboard wheels.  These are deeply discounted wheels while still maintaining high quality.  The only difference between these and other high-quality branded wheels is the design.

These non-branded wheels have a high-end formula. Durometer is 99a.

Comes with a set of 4 wheels.

5% of profits to the First Try Foundation to help grow skateboarding and give skateboards to those in need.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
They're wheels.

Cant complain.
I only wish they were off-white, I'll just have to skate more until theyre dirty

Matthew Polk

Blank Non-Branded Skateboard Wheels 50-55mm

Michael Moore
They roll!

Exactly like every other hard wheel I’ve ridden. Why pay for a graphic you’re gonna destroy in a month anyway

Gilbert La Febre III
Just as good as any brand wheel

If you’re looking for a small wheel that somewhat brings you back to the 90’s and early 2000’s. This is the wheel. Buttery smooth! They feel the same as any pro wheel does to me.


Not too soft, not too slick. It’s just right 

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