Braille Skateboarding

Condiment Series: Mall Grab Mustard Skateboard Deck

Comes with :
1 Mall Grab Mustard skateboard deck
1 sheet of Jessup grip

I'm pretty sure I've had this mustard before...

Must’ve been Dijon-Vu.

We hope you enjoy this latest spread.  Feel free to relish in their glory. Practice your Kraft. Ketch up on that trick you’re workin on. And don’t get too spicy if you don’t land it first try. 

Now that skateboarding is in the Olympics, I know you probably wish you had practiced more when you were younger, but hey Heinz-Sight is 2020.

5% of profits to the First Try Foundation to help grow skateboarding and give skateboards to those in need.

Customer Reviews

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Joshua Thom

I love the look and the humour of this deck. It seems very sturdy and great quality. I decided not to skate it because of how much I like the art but I might after my current deck wares down.