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Gabe Cruz "Dimensions" Skateboard Deck

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Over the past decade, Gabe Cruz has undergone a remarkable transformation, and has shattered through multiple dimensions, evolving from a reserved and shy 15-year-old boy with the goal to learn to skateboard, into a 25-year-old professional who is now living his childhood dream with Braille Skateboarding.

Gabe, we love you. We have enjoyed watching you break through the dimensions and become the incredible man and teammate you are today. Your dedication, talent, and passion have made you an invaluable part of our Braille family. You are the absolute best. 

More details about the Gabe Cruz "Dimensions" Skateboard Deck

MAPLE (Most Common)

7-Ply Hard-Rock Canadian Maple

Medium Concave

Length of deck ranges 31-32 inches


7-Ply Bamboo

Medium Concave

Length of deck ranges 31-33 inches

Don't know what size to get? Try 8.0

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Erick Paredes

The feel of the bamboo is definitely a win win! It’s an awesome board!

Zuli Velazquez
Gabe Cruz "Dimensions" Skateboard Deck?

Good image quality, excellent graphic design and shipping

Awesome! Thank you for your support.


This deck is absolutely beautiful. The artist did an amazing job and Gabe Cruz totally deserves to have this honor made for him. I was actually going to get one to ride, but when I found out there were only going to be a small amount made I got one ASAP to hang on the wall instead. Even got the biggest size so I could have the art in all of its glory. And let me tell ya, it looks fantasic on the wall. Hopefully one day I can meet Gabe in person and get it signed, it would be even cooler if I could also meet the rest of the Braille team as well and get them to sign, too. I live on the opposite coast of the country so I doubt it'll ever happen but I sure can dream haha

Ashley Schaeffer
One for the books!

Love the channel, I’ve been watching for some years. I wish I were a better skater by now, I’m older in my 30s now and just had a kid. I asked a coworker to skate and teach me some things. I’m hype to have the supported the homie Gabe and hopefully it’ll get me in my element

Thanks so much for supporting Gabe and us, we really appreciate you! Also - you got this!


I truly love the design of this deck. The story behind it all is amazing to hear/see and for it all to get wrapped up into a skate graphic, is super awesome!!! Keep up the amazing work and happy ten years to you Gabe!!

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