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Kemper x Braille Collab Deck

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Introducing the Kemper Snowboards x Braille Skateboarding Collaboration Skateboard – a fusion of two brands that brings the thrill of shredding to new heights, whether on pavement or powder. This skateboard represents the shared passion for adventure, innovation, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Design: Our collaboration skateboard features a classic old school shape, paying homage to the roots of skateboarding. The deck's design is a marriage of Braille Skateboarding's urban edge and Kemper Snowboards' mountain spirit. The result blends the worlds of street and snow, capturing the essence of both sports.

Quality Construction: Crafted with precision by the skateboard manufacturing legends at PS Stix, with durability in mind, the deck is made from high-quality maple wood, ensuring a sturdy and reliable ride. The classic shape provides ample surface area for control and stability, making it ideal for all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. 

Size: 10” x 30”

Limited Edition: ONLY 50 AVAILABLE. This collaboration is a celebration of the unique bond between two unique brands. As a limited-edition release, each skateboard is a collector's item, showcasing the exclusivity of this epic collaboration. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of skateboarding history.

Braille Skateboarding x Kemper Snowboards: Braille Skateboarding and Kemper Snowboards share a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in our respective sports. We wanted to embody the spirit of adventure that unites skateboarders and snowboarders alike.




Kemper Snowboards was officially founded in 1987 by David Kemper who built the first boards in his garage in Ontario, Canada dating back to the winter of 1984/85. Once the brand started to gain momentum, Kemper moved its board production to a snowboard factory in Montreal, Canada for the 1988/89 snowboarding season. In 1989/90 the snowboard production moved to Austria. 

Kemper Snowboards quickly became one of the biggest snowboarding brands in snowboard history and competed directly against Burton Snowboards, Sims Snowboards, and Barfoot Snowboards. The Kemper snowboarding brand was best remembered for fully embracing snowboarding’s neon period in both their snowboard graphics and their incredible range of funky outerwear.

In 1989 business was booming and Kemper had one of the best professional snowboard teams of the era. David Kemper eventually partnered with a windsurfing distribution company in Glendale, California called the Romney Group who added Kemper Snowboards to their portfolio of snowboarding brands. During that time, David relocated to California to help oversee the business, team management, and the growing product line. In 1992, David sold his remaining shares of the company to focus on his college education. 

By 1994 the company was sold to an in-line skate company on the east coast. A couple of years later, Kemper Snowboards officially went out of business.

In the winter of 2018, Jib Hunt, a former professional snowboarder, relaunched the Kemper Snowboards brand. In the summer of 2019, Hunt moved Kemper’s headquarters from the east coast to Heber City, Utah to better position the snowboarding brand for growth and exposure within the Utah snowboarding scene.

Customer Reviews

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It was perfect not a thing to complain about, I would for sure buy another one!

Jennifer Goheen
Wow - exceptional product quality and excellent customer service

Ordered a board and hat for my son for Christmas this year and was so impressed with the entire process from order to delivery. Customer service with all the updates on shipping to follow up was outstanding but what impressed me most was the products themselves - so exceptional quality and appearance- my son is 20 and he was very impressed as well. Thank you for the fantastic purchasing experience.

Cool board

Overall it seems like a high quality board. A few small imperfections in the graphic



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