Key Chain Skate Tool

Never be caught without a skate tool again! These are extremely convenient skate tools that you can hook onto keys, backpacks, body parts or anywhere else you can put a keychain. Okay, body parts was a joke. Please do not hook these directly onto your body.

Not all of us skate with a hip-bag, fanny-pack, or back-pack for carrying a classic T-tool 24-7. And putting a T-tool in your pocket and skating looks weird, feels weird, and slamming on it…fogettabout it! TITAN Skateboard Tools have the solution: 7 skate tools that go on your key-ring, in the shape and size of two tough-as-nails house-keys.
Each set of 2 tempered steel keys comes with:
  • a wheel wrench
  • a kingpin wrench
  • a 3/8″ wrench for trucks
  • a phillips screwdriver
  • an allen wrench
  • a grip-tape file
  • and a bonus bottle-opener
Plus they have some gnarly pros on their team like Ke’Chaud Johnson from Darkstar, Adrien Bulard from Jart, and even Tony Magnusson from H-Street and Steve Steadham from the Bones Brigade. Don’t take our word for it; these are a game changer and a company worth keeping an eye on! Pick some up today.