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Old School Monster Box

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The Old School Monster Box is here! ☠️

Only 50 boxes available. Each deck will be numbered (1/50, 2/50 etc.) The sooner you order, the lower the number will be. 

Each box comes with the following: 

  • Old school fish deck-shaped skateboard made by the legend himself, Paul Schmitt
  • Braille Things Hoodie (Exclusive to box only) 
  • Braille Things Shirt  (Exclusive to box only) 
  • Monster Stickers (Exclusive to box only) 
  • Numbered postcard with a drawing or phrase and signed by a member of the Braille YouTube team

More about the deck: 

We wanted to make a nostalgic, high-quality 80s-style graphic on an actual 80s-style old-school cruiser deck. Made by the legendary Paul Schmitt Aka The Professor, who himself made the best skateboards of the era. 

Board Width - 10 1/8"

Board Length - 31 3/4"

Nose - 5"

Tail - 7"

We double-drilled the decks as was common in that era.

15 ½” Wheelbase, allowing 14 ¾” Wheelbase as well

All decks come with wheel wells to prevent wheel bite. 

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