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Complete Skateboard Kit

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This package includes everything you need to turn a skateboard deck into a complete skateboard.

Complete Skateboard Kit includes:

  • Wheels (4) Valued at: $28
  • Trucks (2) Valued at: $45
  • Bearings (8) Valued at: $22
  • Hardware (8 sets) Valued at: $8
  • Griptape (1) Valued at: $8
  • Skate tool (1) Valued at: $17

Trucks, grip, wheels, and bearing brands vary depending on market availability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Quincie Phillips

Great product, BUT only if u don’t have a deck already or a preferred board size. They use whatever they have left in their storehouse that isn’t defective, so if they don’t have the size trucks you want you probably won’t get them. If you don’t mind that then get this. The trucks are sturdy and light, the bearings go fast, and the grip is top tier. I highly recommend this product for new skaters who don’t have a preferred size, because the value of the product is worth your money.

Ayden Acheson

The wheels feel perfect while I ride and the trucks have been put ok perfectly. 


This is a Christmas gift and has no been used yet. I will update when possible.


Great kit for setting a new board

Isaiah Campbell

I loved all the parts and they even threw In stickers the bearings are crazy fast and the trucks are strong yet light.

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