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Unhooded B Sweatshirt

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This classic sweatshirt is made from the rarest and finest material woven from the tail fur of the elusive black unicorn, descendent from a 10,000 year blood line. Legend has it the fur has supernatural abilities that enabled Viking kings to conquer mass populations with a single sword stroke. Even Chloe can kickflip in this thing.

Disclaimer: This sweatshirt is not bulletproof, fireproof or crash-proof. Also, test shows the wearer cannot breathe under water while wearing it.


Please note, sizes listed are adult sizes.


Customer Reviews

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Mark Lovato
Unhooded sweatshirt

I always buy hoodies. This is the first unhooded one I bought in a minute and I gotta admit it’s nice to not have a hood floppin around when I skate

Willow Lafrenier

very warm graphic looks nice and feels high quality 

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