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5 Unique Skateboard Tricks for Beginners

If you’re a beginner skateboarder searching for some new tricks to learn, look no further! Professional skateboarder and one of Braille’s favorite people on the planet, Jason Park, is here to teach you 5 strange tricks that anyone can do with a little practice! So buckle up folks, because this is going to be one wild ride.  Check out the madness below for some insight on how to do these tricks, and behold the incredible skateboarding talent of Jason Park! 

5 Unique Skateboard Tricks for Beginners

  1. Falcon Stomp
  2. The Grip Flip a.k.a Beibel-Heimer
  3. The “Beginner” Flamingo
  4. Judo Rock Fakie
  5. Double Knee Drop-In

Falcon Stomp

Made famous by the great and wonderful Todd Falcon, the Falcon Stomp consists of stomping on your board with the hatred and anger of one thousand suns and getting it to flip back onto the wheels. Place your deck on the ground with the griptape facing down, wheels facing up. Use your back foot to stomp down on your board and as you lift your foot off the board, press down with your toes last. The toes leaving the board last will be what flips the board over. Once the board flips back over, get both your feet on the board and BOOM! Falcon Stomp complete.

The Grip Flip

This trick is a descendant of the Falcon Stomp. With your board in your front hand and the grip facing forward, run at a comfortable speed, dragging the tail of your board on the ground. Then drop your board on the ground grip-side first, allow it to flip back to its wheels like the Falcon Stomp, get your feet on the board and roll away clean. If you’re going too slow, the board will have more trouble flipping back over onto the wheels. Run at a decent speed, drag the tail, and throw the board down at a slight angle to have the board bounce back to the wheels. 

The “Beginner” Flamingo

A Flamingo is not a beginner trick on a skateboard, but Jason Park showed us the beginner version of the Flamingo that is accessible to skaters of all levels! Pop off the tail of your board and step off with your front foot as the same time. Use your back foot to scoop the board up and behind you, pressing the board against the calf of your front leg. From here, assume Flamingo Position as seen in our video above. To land the trick, jump off your front leg and use your back leg to tip the board back over onto the wheels. Get your feet on the board and roll away clean! The easy way to do this trick doesn’t require you to lift the board up off the ground and you can go slow, so try it slowly while keeping the board close to the ground before you step your game up to the truly popped and fast Flamingo. 

Judo Rock Fakie

You’ll need some type of transition for this trick; a quarter pipe or mini-ramp would be perfect. Stall the board on the coping in rock position, grab the nose with your lead hand, and kick forward off of the board with your front foot. After you’ve kicked out, put your front foot back on the board, remove your hand from the nose, and finish the rock to fakie. Do this trick slowly at first and eventually you can perform the Judo Rock Fakie in one fluid motion. 

Double Knee Drop-In

Ride up some transition going fakie. When your tail reaches the peak of the transition, drop it down as you would a tail stall, then place both your feet on the tail with your toes pointing towards the nose and your heels hanging off the tail. From this position you’ll need to drop down to your knees, placing both your knees together by the front bolts of your board and push your weight forward to drop-in to the transition on your knees. Hold on for dear life, ride it out and roll away clean!

We hope you enjoyed learning the tricks (including the bonus 6th trick) from the video above. Throw all of these super fun and weird tricks in a line and impress your friends. Harness your inner Todd Falcon and pass on this knowledge to the future generations. Now get out there and SKATE! 

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