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How to Frontside 50-50 a Rail

For many of us, the frontside 50-50 is the first grind trick we learn as skateboarders. With that being said, most skateboarders learn this trick on a curb or ledge. When you bring the 50-50 to a rail, it becomes an entirely different beast. Well, not really, but if you’ve never 50-50’d a rail before, […]

    How to Strawberry Milkshake the Easiest Way Tutorial 2021

    Recently everyone’s favorite sponsored skateboarder from the San Francisco Bay area, Aaron Kyro, asked on his Instagram, “What trick would you like to learn the most?”.Well, he heard you loud and clear! How to Strawberry Milkshake won by a landslide, and it’s been a few years since we’ve made a tutorial for this one. We […]

      How To Backside Ollie 2020 On A Ramp

      Not too long ago, Gabe and Nigel caught up with Andy Anderson and Nicole Hause at the California Training Facility for a day filled with incredible skateboarding. Braille was on the scene to witness history in the making, as Andy Anderson attempted to learn how to backside ollie on a vert ramp. Luckily, Nicole Hause, […]

        How to Drop in on Vert On A Skateboard

        Dropping in on a vert ramp can be intimidating for skateboarders who have never done it before. Even for experienced skaters who know how to drop in, dropping in on vert for the first time is a true test of confidence. Sure, there is a certain level of skill and board control involved but, what […]

          How to Build a Skateboard Quarter Pipe

          How to Build a Skateboard Quarter Pipe Purchase the Braille x Keen Quarter Pipe here Attach 2x4s to transition sides using 2 1/2” screws on each end. We recommend getting help holding up each transition side Attach remaining 2x4s and metal coping to the top before attaching deck top using 8 one inch screws. […]