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How to Hardflip the Easiest Way Tutorial 2020

Today Aaron Kyro is here to teach us how to hardflip. Before you start trying to hardflip, you’ll need to be very comfortable riding your board, doing ollies, frontside 180s, pop shove its both ways, and kickflips. The more consistent you are with those tricks, the easier the hardflip will be for you. A hardflip […]

    How to 180 No Comply the Easiest Way Tutorial 2020

    Today, Aaron Kyro will be teaching us how to frontside 180 no comply. This is a great beginner trick to learn once you are very comfortable riding your skateboard. You won’t need to know how to ollie or even frontside 180 to learn this trick, so let’s just jump right into it! Foot Position It […]

      How to Skateboard When You’re Getting Old

      In today’s featured video, our favorite sponsored skateboarder from the San Francisco Bay area shows us how to skateboard when you’re old. Aaron Kyro is here to let you know that whether you’re in your 30’s, 40’s or beyond, there are a few simple tips to help you in your skating. It’s true when Aaron […]

        How To Nollie Kickflip

        Unlocking the secrets of the Nollie Kickflip is no easy feat. It definitely is an advanced trick. But, with our tools and the Luck of the Gab, you’ll be Nollie Flipping in no time! The trick itself can be difficult to learn for beginners, so before you start we recommend having a couple of tricks […]

          For the Parents: How to Support Your Child in Skateboarding

          So you have a child that wants to skateboard. You are one of the good parents, so you support them in whatever they want to do. But, you might be hesitant about skateboarding. You might be worried about the price or the safety aspects of it. Well, we’re here to educate you on all aspects […]