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How to 180 No Comply the Easiest Way Tutorial 2020

Today, Aaron Kyro will be teaching us how to frontside 180 no comply. This is a great beginner trick to learn once you are very comfortable riding your skateboard. You won’t need to know how to ollie or even frontside 180 to learn this trick, so let’s just jump right into it!

Foot Position

It doesn’t matter too much where you place your front foot on the board. Make sure it’s in a position where you can comfortably take it off and plant that front foot on the ground. Aaron keeps his front foot just below the front bolts, so try that to start! Your back foot should be on the tip of the tail, slightly closer to the heel-side pocket.

Practice Steps

The practice steps, while relatively easy, will definitely help you get the muscle memory and timing down for this trick. Simply practice stepping off your board with your front foot as if you were about to pop the trick. Practice this while stationary to start. Repeat this step until it becomes second nature.

The next practice step is to keep your front foot off the board while your back foot is in the 180 no comply position on the tail. Practice popping down and pushing the board with your back foot to make the board perform that 180 motion. Again, repeat this step until it becomes second nature.

The final practice step is to put everything together but, do it slowly. Stand on your board. Take your front foot off the board and plant it on the ground behind your board. Pop the board with your back foot, pushing the board to do a 180. Slowly step back on the board with your front foot. Now you should be facing the opposite direction. Congratulations, you’ve just done a frontside 180 no comply! From here you’ll just need to work on speeding up each step, making them flow together quickly and smoothly. Slowly start incorporating some rolling speed into this trick so that you can 180 No Comply while riding and roll away switch.

Common Issues

Sometimes the board will start to rotate or flip. It’s crucial during the frontside 180 no comply to keep the board level with your feet. The secret to this is to keep your back foot on the board at all times. After you’ve popped the trick, focus on keeping your back foot glued to the grip tape as the board comes around for the 180. Follow the board with that back foot and it will ensure your board stays flat and it will help spot your landing and get your front foot back on.

How to 180 No Comply

1. Place your feet in the proper 180 no comply position and ride at a comfortable speed.
2. Step off with your front foot and quickly plant it on the ground behind your board (heel-side).
3. Pop down with your back foot, pushing slightly forward to make the board do a 180.
4. As the board is rotating 180 degrees in the air, jump with your planted front foot and put it back on the bolts.
5. Roll away switch.

For a more in-depth look at the 180 No Comply, check out our video tutorial below! You’ll see Aaron Kyro go over all the details including some secret tips and tricks to help you get your frontside 180 no comply on lock. Now get out there and SKATE!

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