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How to Backside Bigspin Kickflip

The Backside Bigspin Kickflip is considered an advanced flat ground trick in Skateboarding. Before you learn this trick, we recommend you are able to Backside Bigspin, 360 Flip, and Varial Kickflip consistently. Of course, having Backside 180s, Pop Shove-Its, and your other basics down will help too. Let’s begin by defining the trick. Backside Bigspin […]

    How to Casper Flip

    The Casper Flip is a difficult skateboarding trick that looks like pure magic to the untrained eye. Rumored to have been invented in the early 1990s by Rodney Mullen, the Casper Flip is a modern flip trick variation of a classic Freestyle Skateboarding trick, the “Casper”. The original Casper was invented by Bobby “Casper” Boyden […]

      How to Laser Flip

      Are you ready to learn how to do a laser flip? I rarely see this trick being done well or at all. Most of the time when I ask people if they can do a laser flip they say “oh that trick is too hard” or “it takes so much energy from my legs”. I […]

        How to Ollie Impossible

        Originally invented by Rodney Mullen, the Ollie Impossible is an advanced skateboarding trick that, despite its name, is certainly possible to land. We’re here to teach YOU how to do the Ollie Impossible! There are many variations of this trick, including the Front Foot Impossible, which has been popularized in recent years by Skateboarding phenom […]

          How to Frontside Bigspin

          The Frontside Bigspin is often considered an intermediate or advanced trick, mostly done by the pros or sponsored skateboarders. Way too hard for a beginner or novice right? WRONG! We’re here to tell you that not only you but, anyone can learn how to Frontside Bigspin! All it takes is some practice and perseverance. We […]