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Aaron Kyro Is Helping To Rebuild Red Lodge Skatepark

As some of you may know, Aaron Kyro grew up in Montana in a small town called Red Lodge. Aaron was 18 years old, in high-school in Red Lodge, Montana, and a member of the Youth Council when he reached out to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and to his city councilors asking for a local skatepark to be built. Amazingly enough, the city ended up providing the land and $25,000 to create the first-ever Red Lodge Skatepark. This skatepark stood the test of time for 18 years before eventually falling apart. Unsafe wooden ramps and obstacles were becoming a liability and Aaron knew something drastic needed to be done to save Red Lodge Skatepark. Fortunately, Aaron partnered up with the Montana Skatepark Association, and with the help of the First Try Foundation, Jeff Ament, the kids of Montana, and a local Montana resident, the Red Lodge Skatepark was finally going to get the upgrade it deserves.

Check out the video below for this incredible story and to learn more about the Red Lodge Skatepark and the Montana Skatepark Association. 

How Red Lodge Skatepark Was Funded

  1. First Try Foundation: $15,000
  2. Montana Skatepark Association: $50,000
  3. Jeff Ament: $50,000
  4. Montana Kids: $7,500
  5. Aaron Kyro: $50,000
  6. Montana Resident: $27,500

With $200,000 in funding secured, Red Lodge Skatepark will be built by Evergreen Skateparks. Their designs incorporate transition and street inspired “sculptural obstacles”. You can be sure to expect a beautiful and functional concrete skatepark from Evergreen Skateparks that will far outlast the 18 years of its predecessor. Braille Skateboarding is beyond excited for this project, and we can’t thank you enough.

If you want a skatepark built in your town and you don’t know how to make it happen, the video above should give you a rough idea of how to get started. You’ll need to work together with your community to secure the land and the funds. Remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way! Now get out there and SKATE!  

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