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 Our first ever Braille Skateboarding All Terrain Tour got underway on Wednesday, August 10th. 

After a quick stop to shred a park in Redding, CA the team drove up to Salem, Oregon to spend our first night camping under the stars. We made our way to Newberg, Oregon to visit our skate warehouse and fulfillment center team. We got to make some skateboards and get a sneak peek at the next release coming August 27th!

Portland, Oregon

The fans at Portland were amazing and we had a blast meeting each and every one of you. We journeyed north to visit our friend BMX Caiden in Southern Washington and had an incredible time skating his backyard BMX set up. His house definitely qualifies for #propertygoals!

By mid-afternoon we hit Seattle and met up with another amazing kid who showed us the best street skating spots Seattle has to offer. You definitely are going to want to check out that video when it gets uploaded. 

Seattle, Washington

In fact, some NBDs being landed made us late for our own Meet and Greet at Jefferson Skate Park! Again, an amazing crown turned out and I have to say, our fans are the very best! An amazing guy took us to what was literally the best dinner of our life and we got back into the RV to spend another night roughing it on the road.

Spokane, Washington
Spokane, Washington Meet and Greet

The weather got hotter as we traveled East and inland to Spokane to meet with fans at the Riverfront Skate and Wheels park.  After crossing two state lines we returned to the state of my birth, mighty Montana!  We skated and sweated with a great crowd in Missoula before heading home to Red Lodge. 

Missoula, Montana
Missoula Montana Meet and Greet

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our adventures in Red Lodge, Montana and Yellowstone!

Check out our last stops in Salt Lake City, UT and Reno, NV here


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  • Emily on

    So much fun seeing the rest of your trip unfold. Looking forward to the videos!

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