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The second leg of our tour found us in my home town of Red Lodge, Montana.  It was really awesome to introduce the Braille team to my family for the first time!  We spent a day exploring the town and showing the guys all the locations I learned to skate at as a kid (video coming soon!).  It blew my mind how much had changed but also how little. The parking lot I used to skate in is still there, still cracked in places, but lots of smooth surface to practice manuals on.

Red Lodge, MT Meet and Greet
Red Lodge, MT meet and greet

The meet and greet in Red Lodge was a special one for me. We held it at the skate park that I got built back in High School in the 90’s, and then got rebuilt in 2020.  

I felt I had come full circle in life signing autographs for kids who were now learning to skate in Red Lodge, from my tutorial videos and in the skate park I got built.  You really see how there is so much more than just one person, how big the ripple effect of your actions can be.  It was humbling and made me decide to redouble my efforts to teach the world to skateboard.

After a grueling trip across 4 states we ventured into Wyoming to have a wilderness adventure in the most beautiful place on earth (at least in my opinion): Yellowstone National Park.  We took 2 days off from meet and greets and skating and just enjoyed the wonder that is this amazing place.  It is hard to put into words how truly magnificent Yellowstone is. From the landscape, to the plants and animals, there was beauty at every turn.  And the sky!  My God the sky was incredible. During the days we had blue skies and puffy clouds and at night stars upon stars upon stars. You don’t really realize how many stars there are until you are away from the light pollution.

Yellowstone National Park 
AK Yellowstone
Mogely Yellowstone

We left Wyoming on Friday and put the RV on a course for our next stop, Salt Lake City!  Stay tuned for the final 2 stops on our tour, Salt Lake City Utah and Reno, Nevada and for our All Terrain Tour videos!


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