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The Braille Glass Skateboard!?

The Braille Glass Skateboard!?
It was July 2016 when Aaron Kyro dropped in on a glass skateboard for the first time. The glass board was a creation from Avenue Trucks as part of the favorite "You Make It, We Skate It" Series on YouTube. Fans sent us in crazy board after crazy board and we did our best to skate it. This one was a bit different though...

(Spoiler Alert) The glass skateboard completely shattered.  Large shards of glass went all over the floor, including a six inch shard that went right near Aaron's neck! Luckily, (somehow) Aaron came out unscathed. However, this split second moment changed the course of Braille Skateboarding forever. The video went viral and took the internet by storm including a Tweet by none other than 50 Cent: 

In honor of this historic moment, we created the Limited Edition Glass Skateboard deck! Each deck will be numbered. Decks will not be restocked. And no, they are not actually made of glass! 


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