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Braille Skateboards Releases Ricky Glaser’s Pro Model Skateboard Deck

Ricky Glaser is Pro for Braille Skateboards

Ricky Glaser becomes the first pro for the Braille Skateboards team and his pro board, which he designed himself, is available now.

“I like Sk8” – Ricky Glaser, Professional Skateboarder

San Francisco Bay Area, June 12th, 2021 – Less than a week ago it was announced that Ricky Glaser has joined the Braille Skateboards team. Being the first professional skateboarder on the team, a pro board release was imminent for him. Today, Braille Skateboards has officially released the Ricky Glaser Pro board and the design couldn’t be more fitting. Based on his obsession with darkslides, the Braille Skateboards Ricky Glaser pro board design features the bottom of a skateboard graphic on the top of the deck, with a grip-tape graphic on the bottom.

Ricky Glaser’s Skateboarding Career

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Ricky Glaser has been skateboarding (and busting his shins) since 1999. Rather quickly it became apparent that not only Ricky’s skateboarding talent but his sheer determination and heart would take him places. In 2006, he joined Urban Skater, a sister company of Folklore Skateboards, as an amateur skateboarder. By 2012, Ricky became an official member of the Folklore Skateboards team. Then, in 2018, Folklore Skateboards turned Ricky Glaser pro in 2018 and his first pro graphic was released, with his second and third graphics following in the years after. Some of Ricky’s other sponsors included Krux Trucks, Vans AUS, Locality Skate Store, Boost Mobile AUS, Brixton Clothing, Ricta Wheels, and Bronson Speed Co.

While in the US in 2019, Ricky had a chance to visit the Braille house and meet Aaron Kyro and the rest of the Braille Skateboarding team. After leaving, Ricky reached out and asked Aaron to let him know if Braille needed any more skaters. “…and I literally said yes. Come right now.”, said Aaron Kyro. After dealing with a one-year-long VISA process, Ricky was finally welcomed as an official Braille skater in the summer of 2020.

In May of this year, Ricky Glaser officially left Folklore Skateboards to start a new chapter with the Braille Skateboards team. Now, just a few weeks later, Braille Skateboards is ecstatic to offer Ricky’s newest pro deck as he becomes the first pro on the team. With Ricky on board (no pun intended), the Braille Skateboards team is ready to push skateboarding all over the world. “Things that should just literally never be possible, he’ll do them, and then he’ll like, fall and cut his leg off…and then we’ll be like, ‘Ricky are you okay?’, and he’s like, ‘Yeah mate, I’m fine, I just gotta get my leg attached here real fast and then I’m good to go.’. He’s like an iron-man in every sense of the word, he just keeps on going. Pushing, he’s never complaining, and he’s just going ‘Yeah this is awesome, let’s just, like, keep going and just be a part of this amazing journey that we’re all on.’, said Aaron Kyro, during the official Braille Skateboards Team announcement.

You can grab Ricky’s pro board here
Get everything you need to learn how to skateboard at and download the Braille App at Be sure to follow Ricky Glaser on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. Now get out there and SKATE!

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