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How to 360 Flip the Easiest Way Tutorial 2021

Mastering the 360 Flip is no easy feat, but with the help of Aaron Kyro and his incredible eye for detail, you’ll unlock the secret scoop in no time and be 360 Flipping with the best of them. This is why Aaron has put together the most in-depth 360 Flip tutorial Braille has ever created. We’re calling it now folks; 2020 is the year of the 360 Flip. So, if you don’t have the 360 Flip in your bag of tricks, it’s time to get to work. Check out our updated tutorial below to learn how to 360 flip the easiest way.

How to 360 Flip

  1. Ride at a comfortable speed with your feet in the proper 360 Flip position.
  2. With your toes curled over the board slightly, pop down and use your back foot to give the tail a heavy scoop straight backward.
  3. As the board begins to rotate, flick off gently with your front foot then keep your front foot over the board.
  4. Catch the board with your front foot, bend your back knee, and get your back foot on the board.
  5. Bring it down and roll away on the bolts. 

Foot Position

Place your front foot near the front bolts of the board at a 45-degree angle, similar to how you’d set your foot up for a kickflip. The key to this trick is all in the back foot, so the foot position for your back foot is crucial. Place your back foot on the tail with the ball of your feet near the toe-side edge. Your toes should be hanging off, and slightly curled over the toe-side edge of the board in order for you to give the board a very heavy scoop straight back. 

Practice Step

Working on that scoop is very important for unlocking the 360 flip so that’s what the practice step focuses on. With your feet in the proper 360 flip position, practice scooping down and straight backward with your back foot to spin the 360 flip. Just focus on spinning the 360 flip and getting your front foot on the board, so you can plant your back foot on the ground once you’ve popped/scooped the trick. Once you get the feel for scooping the trick properly and you can get the rotation consistently, you’ll be ready to put it all together. 

Landing the 360 Flip

Once you’ve mastered the practice step, you’ll simply need to get your back foot on the board to land the 360 flip for real. Crouch down to pop the trick and with your back foot, give the board a heavy scoop backward. Flick off gently with your front foot, hover your front foot over the board, and bend your back knee so your back foot lifts off the ground and follows the board. Then, catch the board with your front foot, get your back foot on the board, bring the board down, land on the bolts, and roll away clean! 


A common mistake lots of skateboarders make when doing a 360 flip is leaning too far forward. If you find yourself spinning perfect 360 flips but you’re landing in front of the board, or toward/on the nose of the board, you’re most likely leaning too far forward or are hunched over the board too much. To counteract this, you’ll want to be “in the back seat”. Keep your posture straight and your shoulders in line with the board and instead of leaning forward over the nose, keep your weight leaning back slightly so that the board spins and flips in front of you. Imagine that you’re sort of sitting back as you go to pop this trick, hence the term “in the back seat”. This will make it easier to spot and catch the board with your front foot so you can put the trick down and roll away.

We hope our updated tutorial with incredible slow-motion footage helped you with your 360 flips. Practice your 360 flips often and eventually, they’ll look like Jonny Giger’s 360 flips. Now get out there and SKATE! 

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