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How to Front Foot Impossible with Andy Anderson

Ah, the front foot impossible. A trick reserved for the upper echelons of skateboarding…or is it? Recently, Aaron Kyro decided to find out if he had what it takes to learn this amazing trick popularized by Braille’s favorite Canadian ripper, Andy Anderson. Aaron gave it everything he had, and you should too. Check out our video and tutorial below! With the power of Braille and Andy Anderson on your side, unlocking the front foot impossible is now a possibility.

How to Front Foot Impossible

  1. Ride at a comfortable speed with your feet in the proper front foot impossible position
  2. With your back foot, pop the board down and push forward slightly to make the board rotate frontside as you jump back slightly.
  3. As the board comes around to about 90-degrees, dip your front foot down and dig your toes into the toe-side pocket of the nose, rotating your front foot in a small clockwise motion to make the board wrap around and rotate 360-degrees.
  4. Bend your back knee as the board finishes rotating, then bring the board down with your front foot and get your back foot on the board.
  5. Roll away clean with both feet on the bolts.

Foot Position

Set your back foot up on the tail with the ball of your foot in the heelside pocket and your heel hanging off the board, angled slightly toward your nose. The back foot position is very similar to the back foot position of a frontside pop shove it. Set your front foot up on the front bolts of your board with your toes near the toe-side pocket of the nose. The foot position and board rotation of the front foot impossible is very similar to a frontside 360 ollie. As Andy puts it, “It’s pretty much a front three but, your body doesn’t turn.”. 

Common Issues

The biggest problem that people usually have is that they’ll kick their board way far back and they’ll end up landing in front of their board quite a bit. To correct this you’ll need to position your body in the back seat, go back with the board and try your best to keep the board in front of you. While it helps to pop for this trick, it’s really all in the front foot. Remember, the motion you’ll do with your front foot needs to be small and quick. 

Practice Step

Implementing the Skateboarding Made Simple strategy for learning the Front Foot Impossible will really help you. To learn the front foot motion and get that muscle memory, practice this trick stationary and step off with your back foot once you pop. Simply pop, then use your front foot to dig down and wrap the board around 360-degrees with your back foot planted safely on the ground. Once you are comfortable wrapping the board and can consistently achieve that front foot impossible rotation, you’ll be ready to land this trick for real. From here you’d only need to bend your back knee and have your back foot hover while the board rotates. Then when your front foot stops the rotation, get your back foot on the board, bring it down and roll away clean!

We hope you enjoyed our video and that seeing Aaron go through the process helped you with learning this trick. Andy Anderson is an amazing teacher and skateboarder and as usual, we’re so grateful to have him help us out. Andy and Aaron want to see your front foot impossibles so be sure to give them a try ASAP. Now get out there and SKATE! 

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