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How to 360 Pop Shove It

The 360 Pop Shove It is a difficult trick to learn. If you’ve been having trouble with them, don’t worry. You’re not alone! After all, Braille Skateboarding considers the 360 Pop Shove It an intermediate or even an advanced trick. It’s a fantastic trick for a game of S.K.A.T.E and even some of the most talented skateboarders will take a letter from a well-executed 360 Pop Shove It.

No wonder you want to learn how to do them! Before we get into the details, it’s important to know the definition of a 360 Pop Shove It.

360 Pop Shove It Definition

360 Pop Shove its are achieved by adding an extra 180 spin to the Pop Shove it, making the board spin a full 360-degrees while your body stays neutral above the skateboard.

Going Back to the Basics

You’re going to want to have your basics down before attempting the 360 Pop Shove It. You will definitely need to know how to Pop Shove It. If you’ve been progressing using Skateboarding Made Simple, you should have all the tricks from SMS 1, as well as most of the tricks from SMS 5.

The 360 Pop Shove It is within the realm of SMS Volume 5, which covers intermediate flatground tricks. So, if that’s where you’re currently at with your skateboarding, you are ready to tackle this classic trick!

Check out this super helpful tutorial below to get an in-depth look at the 360 Pop Shove It. You’ll learn Aaron Kyro’s “secret” that helped him unlock this trick and more tips to get you landing 360 Pop Shove Its FIRST TRY.

After you watch the video, be sure to read the rest of blog post to really drill those 360 Pop Shove It mechanics into your head!

360 Pop Shove-It Tutorial

We hope you enjoyed the video tutorial and that it helps you land your first 360 Pop Shove It! We are going to review the most important points from the video and breakdown all the steps for you.

The more you familiarize yourself with the small details and little intricacies of this trick, the better your chances are for landing them clean and consistent. So take notes! (Yes, taking mental notes works just fine.) 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the 5 crucial steps you’ll be learning.

  1. Foot Position
  2. Body Position
  3. Practice Step #1
  4. Practice Step #2
  5. Landing

1. Foot Position

For this one, start by placing your front foot in the middle of the board, just before the front bolts of the skateboard. It should be positioned the same way you would position your front foot for a Pop Shove It or a Kickflip.

Having your front foot positioned similar to a Pop Shove It or Kickflip will work just fine for the 360 Pop Shove It, though you may want a little bit more of your front foot on the board. It will be acting as a guide/failsafe for this trick, so having a decent amount of your front foot on the board will help.

The back foot should be placed right on the tip of the tail of the skateboard, with the ball of that foot applying pressure to the center of the tail. You don’t want your toes hanging off the board much, if at all. This may cause your board to begin to flip like a 360 Flip.

The back foot should be placed right on the tip of the tail of the skateboard, with the ball of that foot applying pressure to the center of the tail. You don’t want your toes hanging off the board much, if at all. This may cause your board to begin to flip like a 360 Flip.

You may find yourself landing this trick in Primo position (landing on the trucks) or with the board upside down. If this is happening, it’s important to make sure your toes aren’t hanging off the board. Once again, that back foot should be on the tip of the tail, with the ball of your foot applying pressure straight down into the center of the tail. 

2. Body Position

For this trick, you should be standing on the board the same way you would for a regular Pop Shove It. That is, with your shoulders parallel with the board. For the 360 flip, your chest is facing more toward the nose with your shoulders more opened up.

This differs from the 360 Pop Shove It since you should be more lined up with the bolts, with your chest more or less facing the same direction your toes are.

2. Practice Step #1

For the first practice step, you’re going to have your back foot on the tail in the proper position as we mentioned above. Your front foot will be off the board, standing on the ground just behind your board. From here, use your back foot to pop straight down with a slight backward scooping motion to get the board to spin 360-degrees. Try to keep the board flat and spin it around using only your back foot.

If you aren’t able to keep the board flat with just your back foot, and it keeps going into Primo position or landing upside down, don’t stress out! It’s not that big of a deal, just do your best to keep the board flat as it rotates. The next practice step will keep your board from flipping, so it’s not the end of the world if the board isn’t staying completely level for this first practice step. Once again, just try your best!

4. Practice Step #2

After you’ve mastered that first practice step, it’s time to move on to the final practice step. For this one, you will set both your feet up on the board in the foot position. Pop the trick but leave your front foot on the board as the board rotates.

This time you’ll be stepping off with your back foot after you’ve popped the trick and land the it with only your front foot. It’s simple! Pop it, scoop it, step off with your back foot and leave that front foot on. 

For the 360 Pop-Shove It, your front foot acts as a failsafe. If your front foot remains flat on the board, the board will not flip on you! That’s why it’s not a huge deal if you are struggling to keep the board flat during Practice Step #1. When you are performing the trick you’ll have your front foot on there to keep the board level.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of Practice Step #2, putting everything together to land the 360 Pop Shove-It should be easy for you!

5. Landing

After you’ve popped the 360 Pop Shove-It, all you will need to do to land is bend your back knee. This is allowing the board to rotate under your feet, so you can land! From here, simply extend your back knee, land on the bolts and ride away clean. 

Congratulations! You’ve just landed a 360 Pop Shove It. Have fun giving your friends a letter in games of S.K.A.T.E and be sure to push yourself! Try taking this trick down a set of stairs or a gap once you’ve mastered them on flat ground.

At we have everything you need to help you progress. Our full tutorial Skateboarding Made Simple is a unique approach to learning to skate created by expert instructor Aaron Kyro. The full lesson plan Volume 1-9 will take you from beginning to advanced skating in no time.

Show us your best 360 Pop Shove Its! We want to see 360 Pop Shove Its from all over the world. Film a quick clip of you doing your best one and post it on Instagram tagging @brailleskate, #brailleskate, and #brailleskateboarding.

Let us know which piece of advice helped you the most so we can highlight that and we can get more people landing 360 Pop Shove Its!

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