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How To Booger Slide On A Skateboard The Easiest Way

Are you looking to possess even a fraction of the style that @ChrisMcNugget displays in his incredible skateboarding? Well, look no further! We all know Chris as one of the steeziest skaters to grace the Braille House, and today we’ll be letting you in on a little sliver of his steeziness. That’s right! It’s time to learn Booger Slides from the Booger-sliding-master himself, Chris McNugget. Although this trick may not be “mainstream”, once you learn the Booger Slide, you’ll be sliding down ramps and banks with style and grace. In the tutorial below, Chris teaches the Braille Team how to Booger Slide, so watch the video, follow the tips and booger slide with the best of em’ in no time at all! 

How To Booger Slide (Blunt Powerslide)

  1. Before learning to booger slide, it is recommended to learn and become comfortable with powerslides
  2. With a decent amount of speed, approach the obstacle you’ll be booger sliding and prepare to shift most of your weight to the tail of your skateboard
  3. Push down with your back foot on the tail as you pivot frontside 90-degrees.
  4. Stay balanced as you slide forward on your tail while keeping your front foot near the bolts of your front trucks
  5. Keep your weight on the heel of your back foot
  6. To roll away from the booger slide, pivot back 90-degrees to regular, or continue with the frontside momentum and pivot an additional 90-degrees to roll away fakie. 

Helpful Tips

The booger slide does have some limitations, so we’ve compiled some tips to help you booger slide the easiest way.

  1. Wheel Type – Harder wheels will help give your booger slides some distance and less resistance. A softer wheel may be holding you back from achieving your true booger sliding potential.
  2. Terrain Type – Booger Sliding on rougher terrain is not only more difficult, but it also will destroy your wheels pretty quickly. For maximum booger sliding enjoyment, try doing them on wood or smooth treated concrete. While booger sliding on the sidewalk may technically be possible, it’s definitely not recommended.
  3. Wax with caution – To show respect for other skaters who may be skating the ramp/obstacle that you’re trying to booger slide, be weary of over-waxing and try to let other skaters know if you’ve waxed an obstacle for whatever reason. Wax will definitely help with booger slides, but it’s not 100% necessary. You won’t need to wax your trucks or wheels, but a little dab of wax on the obstacle will go a long way. 

Get everything you need to booger slide in the Braille Shop! We’ve got wax, wheels, boards, you name it! We hope this tutorial helped you with your booger slides or at least inspired you to give them a try. Now get out there and SKATE! 

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