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Introducing Braille Army+


  1. 10% off all of your gear: skateboards, clothing, shoes
  2. Full access to the Braille Army+ App
  3. All Skateboarding Made Simple volumes (over 80 videos)
  4. Exclusive videos not shown anywhere else
  5. Early access to all limited product drops
  6. Access to our members-only Discord

Why I created it

Hello my name is Aaron Kyro and I own and operate Braille Skateboarding.  The goal of Braille Skateboarding and my goal is to grow the sport of skateboarding by teaching, motivating, and inspiring new people to start skateboarding.  I am inviting every skater who shares this goal to join me in this mission. 

Skateboarding brings joy, creativity, positivity, feeling of accomplishment, and many other good things to the world.  So let’s share that with everyone we can and create a community that openly supports and helps beginners.  I have been working on this mission for 10 years and have made some progress on it. 

With our youtube videos, we do our best to motivate and inspire while most importantly telling people to get started skateboarding where they can move onto the tutorial videos.  Between the YouTube tutorial videos and Skateboarding Made Simple, we have taught many people how to skateboard and have effectively grown the sport.  There is however so much more work to do on this and really we are just barely getting started. 

I designed the Braille Army world map so that we can see the progress of skateboarding all over the world.  The ranks with the 300 plus tricks to learn give you a road map of tricks from easiest to hardest and can guide your skateboard progression.  You as a skater are the most important part of this mission.  Just like we film “Today I learned” and “Persistence” videos you can make your own videos just like those or your own unique series and post them on your account through youtube directly onto your Braille Army profile.  Every single person that watches your videos is another person that you can share the same love of skateboarding with. 

Whether you are inspiring people by doing hard tricks or helping more new people learn by sharing your journey up the ranks every video is important and helps to create a supportive community that will ultimately grow into the world’s largest sport.  Taking this a leap forward as a Braille Army plus member you get all of the Skateboarding Made Simple volumes (over 80 videos) directly to your mobile device streaming on the app.  This will help you learn all the tricks.  Then you can learn how to improve your video making skills with courses on filming, editing, and social media. 

You get 10% off all of your gear: skateboards, clothing, shoes, and more as well as early access to all limited drops.  Exclusive videos not going on YouTube or anywhere else and most importantly a portion of the proceeds from all Braille Army Plus memberships goes to the First Try Foundation that gives skateboards to kids in need as well as funding skateparks in communities that need them to further help skateboarding grow.

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