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How to Noseslide

Recently, Gabe Cruz took it upon himself to put in the time and effort to learn how to backside noseslide once and for all. While some skaters learn this trick early on in their skateboarding careers, some skaters don’t get around to learning ledge tricks until the opportunity arises. In the video below, you’ll see that the vibes are just right, as Uzi and Glo take Gabe under their wing for a lesson in noseslides that you’ve got to see. Will Gabe throw a noseslide into a buttery line by the end of the video, or will he get BODIED? Watch what unfolds and you might just learn a thing or two along the way!

How to Backside Noseslide

  1. Ride at a comfortable speed toward the ledge with your feet in the proper noseslide position.
  2. Approach the ledge backside with your board parallel to the ledge.
  3. Ollie and turn your shoulders frontside 90-degrees
  4. Make sure your front foot stays on the nose and slap it down onto the ledge
  5. Keep your posture straight over the board with all of your weight on the nose and slide it out
  6. Pivot 90-degrees backside off the nose to get out of the noseslide and roll away in your regular stance. When you’re comfortable with this method, you can try dipping the back truck down and popping a little nollie to get out of the noseslide.

Foot Position

The foot position and a lot of the body movement of the backside noseslide are extremely similar to the frontside 180. For the foot position, the tricks are basically identical. To set your feet up properly for a backside noseslide, put your back foot on the tail as you would for an ollie, and your front foot just covering the first two front bolts, similar to a frontside 180. With your front foot close to the nose, you’ll have an easier time slapping the nose onto the ledge and controlling the slide. 

Approaching the Ledge

Before you pop onto the ledge, you should be parallel to it and about two feet away. If you’re too close to the ledge when you try to pop into the noseslide, you’ll most likely end up accidentally boardsliding the ledge. Two feet should be a good distance for you to be able to ollie and turn 90-degrees into the ledge and lock in correctly with your nose. 

Start Slow

When you’re first learning this trick, it’s a good idea to get comfortable just popping into the noseslide without actually sliding it. Roll up to the ledge how you would for the backside noseslide, but approach it slow enough where you’re just popping into the trick instead of sliding. Once you lock into the nose “stall”, practice pushing off the nose to get out of the trick, and you can even practice popping off the nose to get out of the trick. Once you’re consistently locking the nose into the ledge and pivoting or popping off the ledge to get out, then you can start adding some speed to your approach in order to slide. Gradually increase the speed and before long you’ll be blasting through your noseslides all day long.

We hope our video inspired you to learn how to noseslide or to improve your noseslides if you could already do them. If you want more detailed instructions on how to noseslide, or how to do any other basic grind or slide trick, pick up a copy of SMS 3 in our shop which covers all the basic grinds and slides. Now get out there and SKATE!

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