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How to Backside Boardslide

The backside boardslide is often times the first trick a skateboarder will learn on a rail. If you’ve never done one before, the fear of hopping onto that rail for the first time can be a little overwhelming. Today we’re going to show you the easiest way to learn the backside boardslide, and you’ll also get to see the learning process for yourself. In our video filmed at Woodward West in Tehachapi, California, Emma conquers her boardsliding fears and shows you how you can, too! We hope this video and our tips below help you land your next backside boardslide…FIRST TRY.

How to Backside Boardslide

  1. Ride at a comfortable speed with your feet in the ollie position.
  2. Approach the rail backside. This means the rail should be behind you as opposed to in front of you, which would be frontside.
  3. Bend your knees, wind your shoulders up slightly, and do a frontside ollie about 90-degrees to get your front wheels over the rail, and the rail under the middle of your board.
  4. Land on top of the rail with your feet on or near the bolts.
  5. As you slide forward, be careful not to slip out by leaning back. Stay over the board at all times, and lean forward slightly.
  6. When you’re near the end of the rail, use your hips and legs to bring your board back 90-degrees (backside)
  7. Roll away in your regular stance.
  8. To roll away fakie instead, when you’re near the end of the rail, use your hips and legs to complete the frontside rotation, rotating frontside 90-degrees and rolling away in your switch stance. 

You can apply these same principles to backside boardslide whatever other obstacles you see fit. Take the backside boardslide to a ledge to start if you’re not yet ready for the flat-bars. Once you’re comfortable boardsliding ledges and flat-bars, look for a small, mellow down-rail or hand-rail to BS boardslide. After that, you can bring it to the streets and backside boardslide any hand-rail that isn’t capped with skate-stoppers! We hope seeing Emma’s process of learning how to backside boardslide inspired you to learn this trick for yourself. If you already know how to backside boardslide, maybe this can serve as some motivation to take the trick to a bigger obstacle.

Braille wants to see your boardslides! Submit your YouTube or Instagram videos using the form below and tag them #brailleskateboarding so others can see and join in. Then submit your clip to us at so we can see it and share it, too. Now get out there and SKATE!

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