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The Introduction of Skateboarding in Mongu, Zambia

Our mission here at Braille Skateboarding is to spread skateboarding all over the world; getting new people excited about skateboarding, teaching them how to skateboard, and then watching them learn new tricks and change their lives for the better. We love skateboarding and everyone who skates, which is why we’re so excited to share this story with you. It’s a perfect example of our mission coming to fruition. This is the story of We Skate Mongu.

How Braille Helped to Bring Skateboarding to Mongu, Zambia

  1. August 21st, 2019, Aaron Kyro receives a message from Johnny, the founder of We Skate Mongu
  2. Braille launches a fundraiser to help send 20 complete skateboards to We Skate Mongu in Zambia
  3. After a successful fundraiser, Braille manages to ship the 20 complete skateboards to Zambia 
  4. The boards are finally released from customs after an unexpected hurdle
  5. Johnny from We Skate Mongu presents the boards to the kids in Mongu
  6. Zambia Skateboarding Association is working with We Skate Mongu to get fully accredited as a non-profit organization
  7. The Government of Zambia has given land for a skatepark and have guided Braille Skateboarding to the proper channels to film a documentary there 

Skateboarding Association of Zambia. With the help of these organizations, Braille Skateboarding looks forward to spreading the joy of skateboarding to Zambia and beyond!

We want to inspire you to feel like not only can you learn to skate but if you want to get a skatepark built in your town that you can! If you want to start a Youtube channel and make it great, you can! We want to inspire people like Johnny’s story inspired Aaron and all of us here at Braille Skateboarding.

Be sure to check out We Skate Mongu on Youtube and Instagram. Watch the video below to get another glimpse into what its like to skate in Mongu, Zambia. 

Feeling inspired yet? Now get out there and SKATE!

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