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Does Tony Hawk Play His Own Video Games? – THPS 1+2

Recently, Ricky Glaser and Uzi Walker sat down to play the newly released Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2. In the first episode of this series seen on our Braille Gaming channel, Ricky and Uzi begin the campaign mode of THPS 1 by jumping into the tutorial. Can the guys find all the tapes to complete the tutorial, or will they get BODIED? Watch our video below to find out!

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 Tutorial: Mastering the Basics

  1. The first lesson teaches the player about turning and stopping
  2. The second tutorial lesson teaches the player about the basis of most tricks, the ollie
  3. The third lesson covers flip tricks
  4. The fourth tutorial lesson teaches the player everything they’ll need to know about catching air
  5. Next, the player will learn about grind tricks. This tutorial lesson is called “Grinding an Edge”
  6. The sixth tutorial lesson focuses on manuals
  7. The seventh tutorial lesson teaches the player how to do lip tricks
  8. Tutorial lesson number 8 teaches the player how to do wall rides
  9. Tutorial lesson number 9 teaches the player how to do reverts

Memorable Quotes

Ricky: “and look how lovely Tony looks in these nice Vans Sk8-Hi’s, too.”
Uzi: “ I wonder why they call it a Japan? Do they do that trick in Japan?”
Ricky: “When I was a kid, I used to just put on ‘Unlimited Balance’ and then grind around the pool in a circle and then, like, leave it on overnight.”

Make sure you’re following the Braille Gaming channel on Youtube, as we’ll be uploading new episodes in this THPS 1+2 series regularly. After you’ve had a chance to check out Ricky and Uzi go through the tutorial in episode 1, be sure to check out episode 2 where Ricky attempts to complete all the Warehouse Challenges! Now get out there and SKATE!

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