20 Ways How To Break a Skateboard

September 18, 2020 3 min read

 You may have seen a previous video of ours titled 25 Ways to Break a Skateboard, where the guys in the Braille House got pretty creative with the ways they could destroy some boards. Well, this time we’re back with another 20 ways to break a skateboard. It’s the video you never knew you needed, so feast your eyes on the madness that ensues! It is important to note, however, that for every board we break in the following video, we donated a skateboard to the We Skate Mongu foundation in Zambia. To help out the local kids in Mongu, Zambia experience the joy of skateboarding, we donated 20 complete skateboards to them after this video was filmed.



How to Break a Skateboard

  1. Use a machete: Aussie Dan, Gabe, Uzi, and Glo combined their efforts with a series of machete attacks on a poor, unsuspecting skateboard. The result? A machete can definitely break a skateboard.
  2. Use a flat-bar: Got a rail laying around? That flat-bar of yours that’s sitting in the driveway makes an excellent skateboard breaking tool. Simply slam one end of the rail down into the middle of the board and there you have it!
  3. Use your mind: You’ll need to watch the video above for an explanation on this one.
  4. Freestyle snap (featuring Mike Osterman): Start with your back foot on the tail in a tail-stop position. Use your front foot to lift the board up and rest it on a curb with the griptape facing down. Now with one foot, jump in the middle of the board to snap it in half. Every time somebody does this trick, Mike Osterman sheds a tear, so you probably shouldn’t do it.
  5. Mogely’s bump-to-bar: This is basically a caveman boardslide with the force of one thousand suns, creating an impact like no other when Mogely lands on the board. The result? The board never stood a chance.
  6. Be like the Godfather: To break a board like Glo would, you essentially need to destroy the deck at every snapping point. Focus the tail, the nose, the middle of the board. Break a truck too! Why not?! Do it for Glo. (Seriously though, please don’t.)
  7. The Guillotine: Drop a piece of sheet metal off of the Braille drop directly onto a board? Check.
  8. The Dark Stall: Do a dark-slide stall on a mini ramp. Once you’re on top of the board on the coping, stomp the deck with all your might!
  9. Use Gabe’s MotoKicks: No ordinary pair of MotoKicks will do. Gabe’s Motokicks are blessed with the luck of the Gab, so you’ll need to use his. Just throw one of them at the board, that should do the trick.
  10. Caveman off the 3-block: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just don’t land on the bolts and that board is as good as broken. 

For the rest of the list, you’ll need to watch the video. You’ll witness everything from Old-School Kickflip board focuses, to “the speeding smasher”, Mogely head-smashes, and more. Trust us, you don’t want to miss it. Oh, and for the third time, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Now get out there and SKATE! 

Jeremy Vest
Jeremy Vest

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