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We Invented How To Play SKATE BINGO

Alright, folks. This is it. The collaboration you never knew you needed. From the brilliant mind of Gabe Cruz comes the game to end all games. A joining of worlds that has never before been achieved by man-kind. We’re talking about SKATE BINGO. In the spirit of Braille, we’re going to teach you how to play Skate Bingo the easiest way. So buckle up, slap on your skate shoes and get ready because, it’s going to be a wild ride. Check out our video below to see Gabe, Mogely, Chris Mcnugget, Glo, Uzi, and Nigel play the inaugural game of Skateboarding Bingo at the Braille House.

How  to Play SKATE BINGO

  1. Gather the required items: Bingo cage, standard 75-ball Bingo cards, 75 balls (numbered 1-75), Bingo markers
  2. Create a list of 75 skateboard tricks and assign a number to each trick
  3. Find some skaters to play with (you can play over a video-call if necessary)
  4. Decide who will be the “caller” (the person who draws the numbered balls from the cage and calls out the number/trick). You can do this by having each skater draw a ball from the cage. The skater with the highest number will be the Caller.
  5. The Caller will draw a ball from the cage and call out the number/trick. Any skater with that number on their Bingo card will have the opportunity to land the trick.
  6. To cross off the number on your Bingo card, you must land the corresponding numbered skateboard trick within 3 tries. If you don’t land the trick within 3 tries, you can no longer use that number on your card.
  7. To win the game, the skater must get a BINGO by filling in 5 spaces in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) on their Bingo card. 

Inaugural SKATE BINGO Play-by-Play

The first ball drawn is an 18; fakie frontside shove-it. The only skater with an 18 on their card is Mogely, who lands the fakie fs shove first try. The second ball drawn is 63; nollie backside 360. Glo, Nigel, Chris, and Gabe each land their nollie back 3.
The next number is 20; switch frontside shove-it. No one has a 20 on their card.
Next, a 21; heelflip and 68; switch backside bigspin. Glo is the only skater with 21 and 68 on their card. He lands his heelflip second try but fails to land the switch bigspin within 3 tries.
Next is 35; nollie varial heelflip. Uzi Dan had the number on his card, but unfortunately couldn’t land the nollie v-heel in 3 tries.
Next is 46; fakie frontside flip. Glo gets it done on his second try.
The next ball drawn is 23; nollie heel. Glo, Nigel, Uzi each land a nollie heel.
37 is a next; the 360 flip. Glo, Nigel, and Gabe each land a tre flip.
The next ball drawn is 49; hardflip. Nigel and Chris land their hardflips while Uzi, Gabe and Glo come up short.
Our next number is 2; fakie ollie. No one has a 2.
After 2 we have 4; a switch ollie. Uzi, Gabe, and Glo come through with first try switch ollies.
Next is 34; fakie varial heelflip. Uzi goes for it but unfortunately doesn’t land the fakie v-heel.
Our next number is 27; nollie kickflip. Mogely and Chris land their nollie flips.
The next ball drawn is 33; varial heelflip. Gabe holds on to it, landing the v-heel on his 3rd try.
Next is 29; varial kickflip. Nigel, Mogely, Chris, and Gabe each land the varial flip.
Next comes number 60; a switch frontside 360. Mogely and Chris land theirs, but Uzi’s gets away from him.
Switch Hardflip is next as number 52 is drawn. Gabe and Uzi have the number but, not the trick.
Backside Bigspins are next as 65 is drawn. Mogely, Chris, and Gabe get theirs, but Nigel comes up short.
Next is 70; fakie frontside bigspin. Nigel, Mogely, and Chris each land the fakie fs bigspin.
The next ball drawn is 43; nollie backside flip. Nigel and Chris unfortunately couldn’t get it done.
Next is number 1; the ollie. Mogely, Chris, Gabe, Glo and Nigel easily land their ollies.
Next is 28; switch kickflip. Uzi, Chris and Glo land their switch flips but Gabe isn’t able to.
Nollie varial kickflips are next as number 31 is drawn. Chris gets his but, Nigel doesn’t succeed.
Next up is the backside heelflip, A.K.A number 53. Chris and Nigel land it on their 3rd tries but Glo can’t get it done.
36 is the next number; switch varial heelflip. Once again, Gabe and Uzi have the number but, not the trick. Mogely lands a textbook switch v-heel first try.
25 is next; kickflip. Nigel and Uzi bless us with first try kickflips.
The next ball drawn is 44; switch backside kickflip. Glo lands his but Nigel does not.
The next ball drawn is 12; switch backside 180. Mogely lands it and Gabe backs him up.
59 is next; nollie frontside 360. Gabe goes for it but isn’t successful.
Next is 74; strawberry milkshake. Nigel gets milky with it, first try. Glo ends up making a mess and doesn’t land his.
Fakie varial kickflips are next as number 30 is drawn. Mogely lands it first try.
58 is next but it doesn’t appear on anyone’s card.
Finally, the winning ball is drawn. Number 3, A.K.A a nollie. That’s all Nigel needs to get BINGO and ladies and gentlemen, Nigel Jones gets it done! Congratulations Nigel.

We want everyone to experience the fun that is SKATE BINGO. Gather some friends and some bingo gear and find out for yourself just how much fun it is! It’s also a fun way to work on flatground tricks you may not normally work on. Now get out there and SKATE!  

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