How To Switch Bigspin Bluntslide

January 18, 2021 3 min read

Have you ever wanted to pick Mogely’s brain and see what goes on inside his head when he’s attempting some of the insane tricks that he does? In the video below, you’ll get the next best thing. Watch and learn as we take you through Mogely’s process while battling for a banger of a trick. Mogely wanted to do a switch bigspin bluntslide on the bump-to-bar and we’re going to take you behind the scenes and show you every aspect from how he came up with the trick, to how he eventually rolls away. You do NOT want to miss this one. 

Conceptualizing the Switch Bigspin Bluntslide

  1. This trick came to Mogely in a “semi-dream” as he calls it. In this “semi-dream”, Mogely landed the switch bigspin bluntslide.
  2. Months prior to this dream, Mogely landed a switch bigspin heelflip boardslide on the bump-to-bar after a lengthy battle. On many of these attempts, Mogely was landing the switch bigspin heelflip into bluntslide then slipping out. This may have attributed to his “semi-dream” where he instead landed a switch bigspin bluntslide.
  3. Mogely’s goal is to eventually land a switch bigspin heelflip bluntslide. Before he attempts that trick, however, Mogely knew he would have to dial in the slightly toned-down version; a switch bigspin bluntslide. 

Attempting the Switch Bigspin Bluntslide

  1. Like any skater in his late 20’s, Mogely opts for a quick stretching session before getting to the task at hand
  2. According to Mogely, while trying this trick he visualizes riding up to the bump-to-bar and just doing a switch frontside bigspin, then reverting on the flat on top. Looking at the rail and pretending that he’ll just be switch bigspin reverting on it helps Mogely to pop the switch front big and get his tail in the perfect position where his foot will catch it in bluntslide. Then rather than reverting, Mogely just has to hold the bluntslide, then turn off the rail and roll away in his regular stance. This way, his body is doing the exact same motion as a switch bigspin revert, only the board is landing in bluntslide on a rail before completing the revert to roll away regular. 

Landing the Switch Bigspin Bluntslide

  1. Landing the trick came down to a few factors. The first being that Mogely had warmed up fully, as evidenced by his favorite sweater coming off.
  2. The next factor that attributed to Mogely landing this trick was the promise of Chipotle for Gabe and Mogely, provided by the always generous Chris McNugget.
  3. The third factor that led to Mogely landing this trick was the fact that he had already gotten into a more difficult variation of this trick by accident; the switch bigspin heelflip bluntslide. Remember, keep track of the tricks you accidentally do or come close to. After some time away from those tricks, give them another meaningful try, show some persistence, and you might just surprise yourself. You are capable of more than you think! Perceive that the trick is possible, believe that you can do it, then achieve it. 

We hope you enjoyed watching Mogely’s process with this incredible trick. We are still constantly amazed at what Mogely can achieve in such a short period of time. Do you want to see more of these types of videos showing Mogely’s process? Leave it in the comments below! For everything that you need to get started with or progress further in your skateboarding, visit our Online Skate Shop! Whether you need fresh gear, the latest Braille apparel, full skate tutorials, or whatever else, Braille has you covered. Now get out there and SKATE! 

Jeremy Vest
Jeremy Vest

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