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Skateboarding in a Great White Shark Cage?!

In celebration of hitting five million subscribers on Youtube, the Braille team decided to do the craziest thing they could possibly think of; jump into shark-infested waters. Well, maybe not totally shark-infested, and sure, with the protection of a shark-cage but, the Braille team did opt for a notoriously dangerous location in the Farallon Islands, which are a group of islands and sea stacks in the Gulf of the Farallones, off the coast of San Francisco, California. The mission is simple. Gear up, get into the shark-cage, and shred that thing with a skateboard! Will the guys pull it off, or will they chicken out? Watch the video below to find out!

Aaron’s Experience

“Unfortunately we did not see any Great White Shark but, we saw whales. Several whales… Or maybe it was the same one that just kept saying hello, how are you? Then, we shredded the skateboard. We just completely shredded it underneath the water, which is pretty fun. So you get down in the cage, right, and you’re like, looking around and it seems like you can’t see very far at all. Then you look over and see the bottom of the boat, and it’s pretty far away from you. Then you realize, oh, you can see pretty far. There’s just…Abyss. Abyss of nothing, right? Even just being in there, I panicked like, seven times. You know, I’m like in there, breathing through the mouth-piece only. It was like a struggle for me. It felt like I could breathe in but then I couldn’t breathe out. My thing kept filling up with water and he said my ‘stache is too “’stachey”. So, if you’re going to do this, you might want to shave your moustache.”

Uzi’s Experience

“I feel comfortable because I’ve got all my homies with me. We’re all here for work, you know? It’s like a false sense of security. There are no rules here. It doesn’t matter, like, if Nigel did it, and then if I do it, I still could get bitten off by a shark.”

Mogely’s Experience

“I didn’t even know what to expect and like, the minute I got in the tank I started feeling claustrophobic. I realized that through the gate, or the chamber, you could still get bitten and pulled out. These are just things happening in my brain, and then I started, since I was thinking of all that stuff, I started feeling the anxiety of the claustrophobia in there. Then I just started looking up and down. Then the goggles started fogging up and then I started forgetting to breathe. Just all these crazy things started happening and I was just like, aw man this is not my zone.”

Sure, maybe hearing or reading these first-hand experiences make the whole ordeal seem pretty stressful, but in the end, the team had an amazing time and made some incredible memories. What did you think of the Shark-Cage Skateboarding? Leave it in the comments below!

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