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Manuel “Mogely” Herrera is officially pro for Braille Skateboards!

Manuel “Mogely” Herrera is officially pro for Braille Skateboards!

Mogely Pro Skateboard graphic

Mogely got the nickname from kids in high school making fun of him and calling him “Mogely.” He decided to just embrace this and call himself Mogely… the name stuck. 

Mogely joined the Braille team in 2019. Mogely makes quite the impression with his skating, hardwork and unique skating style and has become part of the Braille family. 

On Saturday, July 24th, a bunch of Mogely’s closest friends and family helped surprise Mogely by storming the Braillehouse holding his new pro graphic. Mogely was speechless.

Mogely’s favorite quote is, “You are the author of your own story.” We are very proud to have Mogely on the Braille Skateboards team and look forward to his very bright future. 

Check out Mogely’s first ever pro graphic here, combining Mogely’s love for both skateboarding and anime. (Update: Mogely's first pro graphic is sold out, but you can check out his latest pro model deck here

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