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We are excited to partner with Mr. Beast and Mark Roper #TeamSeas

We are excited to partner with Mr. Beast and Mark Roper #TeamSeas

Mr. Beast just announced that he is raising 30 million dollars to get 30 million pounds out of the ocean!

This is following his #TeamTrees project two years ago which resulted in 20 million dollars raised to plant 20 million trees!For #TeamSeas Mr. Beast invited other creators to join in and make videos about the ocean, all going live today at YouTube at the same time! When decided we had no option but to… SKATE THE WATER!

We personally love that Mr. Beast and Mark Roper are encouraging the YouTube community to team up to clean up and use our platform to help improve our environment.Watch our #TeamSeas video Friday October 29th at 1pm PST and let us know how we did!

Most importantly, click HERE to donate to this incredible cause:

Together as a community we can make history and make a difference, let’s go #TeamSeas!!!

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