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Aaron's Wife Answers All Your Weird Questions | Dani Kyro, Pt. 2 | The Braille Drop Podcast Ep. 11

Aaron's Wife Answers All Your Weird Questions | Dani Kyro, Pt. 2 | The Braille Drop Podcast Ep. 11

If you've been following Braille Skateboarding for a while, you know that Dani and Aaron Kyro are an absolute delight when they're together on screen. In this episode, we get to know them even better as they answer listener questions, spill some Braille video tea, talk about their favorite skateboarding tricks, share their visions for the future of Braille Skateboarding, reveal a surprising high school crush, and even cast the fictional movie about their lives.



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Skating through San Francisco as Batman

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More about the episode:

Favorite and Least Favorite Braille Videos: First up, Dani and Aaron dive into their favorite and least favorite Braille videos. It's always interesting to hear what creators think of their own work, and Dani and Aaron don't hold back.

What Makes Dani the Angriest about Braille Videos: Ever wondered what gets under Dani's skin when it comes to Braille videos? From dangerous stunts to, well, mostly just dangerous stunts that she finds out about after the fact, Dani shares the behind-the-scenes moments that make her blood boil. It's a candid peek into the world of content creation.

Dani's Favorite Skateboarding Trick: While she may not know the name of many skateboarding tricks and often gets hung up on her backsides, frontsides, switch, nollie, fakie, etc (but who doesn't? I mean, come on!) she definitely has some ideas about what makes a trick fun to watch. And she can't help but criticize her husbands attempt at landing her favorite trick.

Their Vision for the Future of Braille Skateboarding: The future of Braille Skateboarding is a hot topic, and Dani and Aaron have big dreams. They discuss their vision for the brand, their hopes for its growth, and their dedication to inspiring the next generation of skaters. It's a heartfelt conversation that showcases their commitment to the skateboarding community.

The Lance Skate God Crush Confession: In a surprising turn of events, Dani reveals a never-before-heard high school crush story involving none other than Lance Skate God. She spills her guts about her teenage infatuation, including a memorable gesture involving a holographic Charizard Pokémon card. The twist? She never heard back from him about it. It's a charming and relatable tale of teenage crushes and missed connections that later turned into a great working relationship and life-long friendship.

Casting the Fictional Movie of Their Lives: To wrap things up, Dani and Aaron have some fun casting the fictional movie about their lives. Who would play them on the big screen? From A-list actors to up-and-coming talents, they imagine the perfect ensemble for this cinematic adventure.

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