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Aaron's Wife Answers All Your Weird Questions | Dani Kyro, Pt. 2 | The Braille Drop Podcast Ep. 11

If you've been following Braille Skateboarding for a while, you know that Dani and Aaron Kyro are an absolute delight when they're together on screen. In this episode, we get to know them even better as they answer listener questions, spill some Braille video tea, talk about their favorite skateboarding tricks, share their visions for the future of Braille Skateboarding, reveal a surprising high school crush, and even cast the fictional movie about their lives.

"This Guy Sounds Terrible", But She Married Me Twice | Dani Kyro, Pt 1 | The Braille Drop Podcast Ep 10

We've got a very special guest on the podcast this week, Aaron's wife of 13, no wait 15 years, Dani Kyro!
In one of our most candid interviews to date, Aaron and Dani take a trip down memory lane as they share the story of how they first met, complete with an embarrassing tale from their very first date. But there's a twist - they were married not once, but two times! Tune in to find out why.

Dani opens up about her perspective on skateboarders and how it has evolved since meeting Aaron. Discover how witnessing Aaron's impact on the skateboarding community through Braille events has shaped her viewpoint.

Aaron shares his personal journey of getting involved in drugs and drinking at the ripe age of 12, and the close call with his parents that made him rethink his life choices. He'll reveal the lifestyle changes he made and has maintained into adulthood.

How to Get Sponsored by Adidas | Karl Watson, pt. 2 | The Braille Drop Podcast Ep 9

In the 2nd part of our conversation with the legendary Karl Watson, we dive deep into the evolving world of skateboarding. We discuss how skateboarding, once a bastion of individualism, has seen its originality fade as social media has surged. We also explore the intriguing possibility that Karl Watson might have pioneered the Crooked grinds. Karl's journey to becoming a pro skater and his mission to introduce beginners and their parents to the essence of skateboarding through his books are also on the table. We address the issue of hazing new skateboarders and the crucial need for skate companies to help their pros plan for life after the spotlight fades. Lastly, we hear about Karl experience at Adidas and his vision and process for assembling the team at his new skate company, Maxallure. Tune in for a fresh perspective on skateboarding's past, present, and future.

Who Invented the Crooked Grind? | Karl Watson, pt. 1 | The Braille Drop Podcast Ep 8

This week we dive into the fascinating journey of Karl Watson, a skateboard legend hailing from the streets of Oakland, California. From his early days running with a rough crew of kids to a chance encounter that led to an unexpected friendship and business partnership, Karl's life story is a rollercoaster of grit, grinds, and good times. He takes us back to the Embarcadero (EMB) era, the golden age of skateboarding, when individuality thrived. Karl reflects on how social media has transformed skateboarding, and we get a glimpse into the humble origins of the Krooked grind. Along the way, he shares his passion for introducing beginners and their parents to the world of skateboarding, his journey to going pro, and his knack for spotting talent, including the discovery of the renowned Nyjah Houston. It's a tale of friendship, innovation, and the enduring stoke of skate culture.

24 Cans of Mountain Dew EVERY DAY?! | Purple | The Braille Drop Podcast Ep 6

Join us in this episode as we dive into the extraordinary life of Purple – a skateboarder, inventor, and all around amazing dude with over 40 years of skateboarding expertise. From revolutionizing skateparks to grappling with government bureaucracy and industry politics, Purple's story is one of passion and perseverance.