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24 Cans of Mountain Dew EVERY DAY?! | Purple | The Braille Drop Podcast Ep 6

24 Cans of Mountain Dew EVERY DAY?! | Purple | The Braille Drop Podcast Ep 6

Join us in this episode as we dive into the extraordinary life of Purple – a skateboarder, inventor, and all around amazing dude with over 40 years of skateboarding expertise. From revolutionizing skateparks to grappling with government bureaucracy and industry politics, Purple's story is one of passion and perseverance.

Early on in life, Purple had a rough go of it, living in a rough part of town, being chased by men with axes on his way to school. This led to some life decisions that come with cautionary tales of dropping out of school at age 16, experimenting with drugs, and working as a body guard at a meth lab. But when asked, Purple says he wouldn't change a thing because he loves the life he now lives.

Speaking of his daily life, let's talk about his normal diet, shall we?

Purple's daily routine consists of consuming a staggering 24 cans of Mountain Dew, a $5 Biggie Bag at Wendy's, and maybe a pepperoni pizza or two, while completely bypassing water and vegetables. His unorthodox approach to nutrition is just a glimpse into his unconventional mindset. You'll also learn about the dangers of seatbelts and helmets.

Purple also answers a handful of wild listener questions, from "what do you think happens after you die?" to "How do we help grow the art of skateboarding?"



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