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Brittle Bones Brigade: A Haven for Late-Blooming Skateboarders | Josh Sigler | The Braille Drop Podcast Ep 7

Brittle Bones Brigade: A Haven for Late-Blooming Skateboarders | Josh Sigler | The Bralle Drop Podcast Ep 7

Josh Sigler, founder of Brittle Bones Brigade, a once local, now expanding refuge for mature skateboarders sits down with Aaron Kyro to discuss the frustrations with learning how to skate as an older person, and how he is trying to find solutions through his local "advanced age" community.

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In This Episode

Introduction to Brittle Bones Brigade: A Haven for Late-Blooming Skateboarders

Have you ever wanted to skateboard but felt like you missed your chance? Brittle Bones Brigade is a remarkable initiative that's rewriting the rules for skateboarding enthusiasts who may have felt the same. Josh, the founder, shares the story of how his own frustration of not having skateboarding companions in his youth led to the creation of this vibrant community later in life.

A Second Shot at Skateboarding: Overcoming Hurdles

Josh's personal experience echoes with many. After a decade-long hiatus, he decided to make his dream come true. Armed with a New Year's resolution, he purchased a skateboard, determined to master the elusive ollie. This time, he found a supportive ally in the Braille Skateboarding YouTube channel, which helped him turn his aspirations into reality.

From Idea to Movement: The Evolution of Brittle Bones Brigade

What started as a personal journey quickly transformed into a movement. As others saw the value in creating a community for older skateboarders, the idea of franchising Brittle Bones Brigade emerged. Josh's experimentation with this concept highlights the growing demand for spaces where passionate learners can collaborate and thrive.

Dreams and Struggles: The Braille Army + App

Aaron Kyro shares his own challenges with centralizing a community around the Braille Army + app, a platform that holds the promise of enhancing the learning experience for skateboarders. He talks about his vision for the app and how he envisions it revolutionizing the way people learn skateboarding, if they can only figure out the coding...

The Vitality of In-Person Connections

While digital resources play a pivotal role, the magic of skateboarding lies in the physical world. The podcast explores the significance of face-to-face interactions, the camaraderie that forms when like-minded individuals gather, and the growth that comes from shared experiences in the skatepark and beyond.

Redefining Social Media: Growing the Brigade's Online Presence

No movement is complete without a strong online presence. Brittle Bones Brigade leverages social media to connect, inspire, and educate. The podcast touches on how the brigade's engaging online content has helped attract a growing community of late-starting skateboard enthusiasts.

Join us in this episode as we celebrate the spirit of perseverance, the joy of learning, and the power of community that Brittle Bones Brigade embodies. Whether you're considering picking up a skateboard for the first time or reigniting an old passion, their journey offers insights and inspiration for skateboarders of all ages.



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