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From THEEVE Trucks to LEVEL UP; Skate Industry Pioneer | Trevor Ward | The Braille Drop Ep 4

From Down Under to Skate Industry Mogul | Trevor Ward | The Braille Drop Ep 4

This week, we have the privilege of delving into the remarkable journey of Trevor Ward, a true skateboarding legend and industry veteran. He sheds light on the struggle of going pro in Australia, outlining the various challenges and limited opportunities that aspiring skateboarders face in the country. Driven by his passion and dreams, he decided to take a leap of faith and try his luck in America, the skateboarding mecca. His rise to success includes a sponsorship from Nike, which would eventually become the biggest name in pro skateboarding, but at the time his association with them led to a core skate company cutting ties with him. 


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Beyond his skateboarding endeavors, Trevor ventured into entrepreneurship, running multimillion-dollar skate companies. He reflects on the triumphs and setbacks that come with managing such businesses within the skateboarding industry.

Throughout his career, Trevor had a keen eye for talent, and he shares the story of discovering a young prodigy, Shane O'Neill. Driven by a vision to empower the next generation of skateboarders, Trevor founded a one-of-a-kind skate academy that blends education with extensive skate lessons. This innovative approach has positively impacted young skaters, providing them with valuable life skills alongside nurturing their passion for skateboarding, BMX, and surfing.

As the conversation turns to the impact of the Olympics on skateboarding, Trevor discusses his thoughts on how skaters can unite and create a league of their own to grow the sport while ensuring equity and empowerment for themselves. This skater-driven revolution aims to shape the future of skateboarding and foster a stronger sense of community within the sport, and Trev hopes to be at the forefront of this new era of skateboarding.



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