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Gabe Cruz Used to be the Biggest Aaron Kyro Hater | Gabe Cruz | The Braille Drop Podcast Ep 1

Gabe Cruz Used to be the Biggest Aaron Kyro Hater | Gabe Cruz | The Braille Drop Podcast Ep 1

In our conversation with Gabe, a seasoned skater, we explore his journey from his first experience on a skateboard to becoming a sponsored rider for Revive. Growing up in a Northern California, Gabe shares his unique perspective on the challenges and rewards of being a skater in that environment. He opens up about his initial dislike for Aaron, a surprising revelation that highlights the evolution of their friendship.

As the discussion progresses, we discover another side of Gabe's passion: film and visual effects. We explore how Gabe combines his interest in filmmaking with his love for skateboarding, showcasing his creative endeavors within the community. Additionally, we tackle a thought-provoking question: how can we balance creating content that appeals to the YouTube algorithm while still making a positive impact and helping others?

As we delve deeper into Gabe's journey, we uncover the reality of being a YouTuber, including the struggles of dealing with trolls and hateful comments. We explore the emotional toll this takes on content creators and gain insights into how Gabe manages these challenges.

Finally, we touch upon a unique aspect of skateboarding culture: Illegal Tricks. Gabe provides an entertaining and informative perspective on this phenomenon, offering a glimpse into the subculture that surrounds skateboarding. Join us as we embark on this captivating episode, packed with personal stories, insights, and a deeper understanding of the skateboarding world and YouTube landscape.

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