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How to Frontside 180

The Frontside 180


Frontside 180s are one of the most basic tricks and one of the first tricks you can learn.  

One thing to think about with this trick is you are going to be landing switch (riding with a different foot forward) so it is helpful to get comfortable riding around switch so that when you land you will be able to be comfortable rolling away. You don’t have to be able to bomb a hill or anything switch, but just be comfortable riding around.

The foot position for a front 180 is the back foot right in the center of the tail and the front foot right behind the bolts. This trick is very similar to the ollie.

One common mistake is people think that you just need to do an ollie and then switch your feet around. This will make things way more difficult and usually does not work out.

What you are going to want to do is turn your head and your shoulders while doing an Ollie. This is the biggest key. If you are going to get anything out of this tutorial it is this, you want you pop your ollie and turn your head and shoulders.

Here are the steps:

  1. RIde
  2. Crouch down
  3. Begin popping up as you’re turning your head and shoulders
  4. Pop up into the ollie position
  5. Bring it down and land with your knees bent
  6. Ride away switch


This is an awesome trick to start to do over obstacles because this trick is essentially just like an ollie. If you can Ollie over something, most times you can 180 it!

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