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How to Pop Shove It

Pop Shove It Tutorial

The secret of the pop

Today we are going to be covering the Shove It with no pop and the Shove It with pop.

Every trick has a secret and the secret to learning this trick is the Shove It with no pop.

So the foot position for the Shove It, is your back foot with the toes slightly off the edge of the tail. Your front foot wants to be flat on the board right behind the bolts wherever it feels most comfortable.

You are going to want to jump ever so slightly and scoop straight back with your back foot to make the board shove. So for just the Shove It with no pop the tail isn’t going to hit the ground, there is no pop for this trick.  Your front foot is really the point of control and you can use it to guide the shove. A way to practice this is do the Shove It and land on it with your front foot only. This will get you used to seeing and feeling the board do the Shove It.  When you feel comfortable you can start trying to land on the board with both feet.

Once you have the Shove It down, it’s time to learn it with POP!

This is really the same trick except you are pushing the tail all the way down to pop and the board will go higher so you will have to jump a little higher. With your back foot you can pop the Shove It, and to get comfortable again landing on the board with only your front foot.

Once you get comfortable with that you can bend your back knee while in the air, control your board to land with your front foot and then extend your back foot down for the landing.

Shove Its are one of the more simple tricks but it is important to follow the steps from learning the Shove with no pop and then learning the Pop Shove It.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it first try, just keep working on it and I promise you will get it!

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