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How to Backside Cancel-Heel Body Varial

why are we calling it the “Ouch Dad Flip”? You’ve got questions, and in the video below, you’ll get the answers you seek. Still not convinced? Well, technically this is a “Persistence” video featuring Jason Park. Considering how good Jason is at skating, you definitely don’t want to miss this. By the way, the backside […]

How to Darkslide the Easiest Way Tutorial

Ever since Ricky Glaser joined the Braille team, we’ve been asking him to darkslide everything in sight. For those of you in the comments asking for a darkslide tutorial; we’ve heard you loud and clear. In the video below, Ricky Glaser shows us the darkslide fundamentals and helps Chris McNugget to land his first proper […]

How to One-Footed Rock to Fakie the Easiest Way

We’re back with another super fun trick tutorial featuring none other than Jason Park, one of our favorite special guests and one of the most incredible skateboarders you’ll ever see! In the video below, Jason teaches Glo and Uzi a unique and slightly terrifying mini-ramp trick; the one-footed rock to fakie. Though it seems daunting […]

Aaron Kyro Learns Professional Freestyle Tricks with Mike Osterman!

At long last, the incredible Mike Osterman has made his way back to the Braillehouse. With Aaron’s freestyle game rapidly improving, Mike has returned to teach Aaron some World Champion level freestyle tricks! What do you think, should Aaron enter the World Freestyle Round-Up? Under the tutelage of a World Champion like Mike Osterman, anything […]

How To Booger Slide On A Skateboard The Easiest Way

Are you looking to possess even a fraction of the style that @ChrisMcNugget displays in his incredible skateboarding? Well, look no further! We all know Chris as one of the steeziest skaters to grace the Braille House, and today we’ll be letting you in on a little sliver of his steeziness. That’s right! It’s time […]